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Presentation Information and Instructions

Nama Foundation and International Islamic University of Malaysia are delighted to host the Nama Summit 2023, which will be held from 15 to 17 December 2023. NAMA SUMMIT 23 will give you the opportunity to explore the best practices further and establish networking with great resource-sharing opportunities that will be a privilege and value to the organizations involved.
Focusing on “Education and Third Sector in Nation Building, the NAMA SUMMIT 23 Organising Committee would like to invite authors to submit abstracts for presentations at the conference.


Topic 1: Leadership in Education

  • Subtopic 1: Understanding the challenges facing the education sector
  • Subtopic 2: Developing intervention initiatives to address these challenges
  • Subtopic 3: Embracing the values of sustainability

Topic 2: How can education systems be transformed to better prepare young people for sustainable development

  • Subtopic 1: Integrating sustainability into the curriculum
  • Subtopic 2: Providing opportunities for experiential learning
  • Subtopic 3: Developing a culture of sustainability in education sector

Topic 3: Leadership in Third Sector

  • Subtopic 1: Good Governance in a NGO
  • Subtopic 2: Best practices in volunteer engagement
  • Subtopic 3: Fundraising in today’s competitive market

Topic 4: Providing Access to Education

  • Subtopic 1: Education financing
  • Subtopic 2: Character building
  • Subtopic 3: Equal opportunity in accessing education.

Topic 5: Sustainable Third Sector

  • Subtopic 1: NGO capacity building
  • Subtopic 2: Innovation in fundraising
  • Subtopic 3: Is Income generation projects and having a commercial arm good for NGOs
  • Subtopic 4: Waqf investment and financial suitability.
  • Subtopic 5: How can we utilize the Waqf system to ensure NGO’s financial sustainability


The abstract should be informative and stand alone in its content and meaning. It should include a brief introduction, objectives/questions, methods, key results, brief discussion and a conclusion.

Abstract submitters may choose their preferred method of presentation upon abstract submission. However, the final decision lies with the committee. The presentation slide need to be emailed to the conference secretariat by 30th October 2023.

Format for Abstract Submission

The abstract format is automated by the online abstract submission system. Submitters are required to follow the instructions upon submitting abstracts via the online abstract submission portal.

Abstract Submission Guidelines and Terms & Conditions

General Guidelines

  1. Submissions should be sent electronically via the Summit website ONLY.
  2. Submissions should be written in English with a maximum of 1000 words.
  3. Each presenter may submit a maximum of TWO abstracts.
  4. Only the presenter is allowed to submit the abstract online.
  5. Submitters should be thoroughly checked for spelling and grammar before submitting the abstract.
  6. Any changes on abstract are not allowed once the abstract is submitted.
  7. Submitters are advised to do proofreading on their abstract. It is the sole responsibility of the authors to ensure accuracy of content and language.
  8. The abstract should not contain any graphics or references.
  9. Please use abbreviations with restraint.


Permissions and Copyrights

  1. Submission of abstracts implies the author’s agreement to publish the abstract in all Summit publications including the website, i.e. submitters are responsible to secure any copyright / permissions clearance required relating to any previous presentations, equipment or other material for inclusion in the NAMA Summit 2023 publications.
  2. To accept responsibility for the accuracy of the submitted abstract and understand that amendment is not allowed once it is submitted via the online abstract submission system and information provided will be published exactly as submitted.
  3. Submitters are responsible to obtain permission from any relevant regulatory authority and obtain consent where appropriate.
  4. Submitters are responsible to ensure the work is original and that it does not infringe upon any copyright, proprietary or personal right of the party.


Featured Speaker

Michael Wells

Marketing Expert

Wyatt Tillman

Technology Expert

Alexander Marshall

Robotic Expert

Important Dates

Open for abstract submission:

15 September 2023

Closing Date:

15 October 2023

Presentation Submission :

30 October 2023


15 Nov 2023

Method of Presentation

Plenary Session:

20 minutes + 10 minutes of Q & A

Oral Presentation Session:

10 minutes + 5 minutes of Q & A

Panel Discussion :

15 minutes + 5 minutes of Q & A

Event Organizer

NAMA Foundation

logo-IIUM-ori (1)
Co Organizer

International Islamic University Malaysia

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